The only built-in complete cleaning system specifically designed to vacuum both wet and dry. Its the only built-in system that allows to do carpet and upholstery cleaning, wash your car interior, mattresses, do hard floor washing and more. You can even use it for flood extraction, pick up liquid spills, unclog a blocked sink or wash the freezer.

An exclusive feature of DrainVac is that you are able to wash all the vacuum piping and hoses just by picking up hot water a little detergent. By doing so, all your system stays clean and free of residues, dirt and germs.

Our residential series offers you a wide range of central vacuum units that will satisfy all your needs. Whether for the condo, the apartment, the town or country house DrainVac has a system for your specific needs.

Our commercial series offers the maximum performance, for years to come. Industrial Series, DrainVac manufactures a complete range of industrial wet / dry or dry vacuum systems that will meet your specific needs.